There's a Phone Ringing in Your Tattoo!

Imagine that you get a tattoo using ferromagnetic ink that can respond to magnetic signals, such as, oh, your phone ringing. It sounds like a science fiction plot, but a group of inventors have filed a patent application on behalf of Nokia for just such an idea. At first read, it appears that the patent is for a patch you'd attach to your skin, but in notes 0026 and 0027 in the patent application, they mention tattoos. It is common for patents to be worded to cover all foreseeable future uses for a technology in its infancy, but this might just happen. What could possibly go wrong?

It’s not that I have an issue with tattoos — I sport a few myself — but I don’t want anything that is permanently in my skin to be linked to technology that could be obsolete any second. Also, it seems like having an actual part of your body vibrate with your phone would be an incredibly creepy and weird feeling.
If I were a more paranoid person, I might come up with a sci-fi scenario where people started getting these tattoos and then Nokia sold the technology to the government, who then used it to track and control people. Maybe I’ve read a few too many dystopian novels.

It seems the more likely that people just wouldn't buy it, or wouldn't buy enough to make it a profitable venture. Would you consider such a tattoo? Link

(Image credit: Flickr user irina slutsky)

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I would SO get one of these (I don't have any at present) It would be USEFUL!
I can't wait to say "excuse me , my butt is tingling, I have to take this"
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The government (and the secret societies that run the government) won't be able to control you with this, as long as you're wearing your tinfoil cap.
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Hello Prior Art. This patent is invalid.

I had this done in 2005 using tiny neodymium magnets. The concept was invented by Todd Huffman. Do a google search for "magnetic implants" for more information. They're amazing.

I can actually "feel" electromagnetic fields using mine. I can sense the bubbles of EM off transformers, I can feel power running through cables, I can feel the motion of electric engines (for example, I can feel the harddrives spinning inside a laptop computer). More info on mine on my website.

It's very cool stuff but the patent should be invalidated by the prior art. It's not their idea.
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Posted some more info here:

That includes links to more info on the REAL history of this technology.
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