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I work for a beekeeper. He had bees that were being killed by pesticide.

Bees haven't adapted to the cold winters, and they do not over-winter well. It costs money to split hives, but the population will be at full strength by mid summer.
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I know of a church who claims to have experienced that foul smell... when they are under demonic attack. - Hell is always synonmous with sulphur, so who knows.
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All those guys who predicted widespread outbreaks of avian, and swine flu... never saw this one coming. The war is on. The next cat I see today... might very well lose all nine lives in one fell swoop.

I'd willingly subject myself to a year of being "rick rolled"... in exchange for Peace talks and a ceasefire.
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the last time I checked advertisers are most interested in promoting their product, then they are with how or where. Plus you remove the added cost of paying the dreaded "content managers."
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