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I think what would have been hilarious is if you tied a buoyant dummy in a wet suit to the bottom with a quick release. Even better is if it could start spewing blood when shot. Have it float to the surface after the first couple of shots.
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I'm 28 and I make $10.04 an hour. I'm making the best of my particular situation. Sorry if I come across as self-absorbed. Guess I am just tired of listening to insolent old people bitch over the price of a can of beans. Might as well give the cans of beans to the blue hairs for free since it probably costs us more than we are selling them for because we have to diligently listen to the elderly prattle while they write their checks or count out pennies.
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The homeless in Austin probably make more money than I do and have better benefits than I get from my crap-job. I get tired of this city's guilt trip-crap over homelessness when I am having housing issues of my own. Leave me the hell alone and get off my lawn.
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mie you are exactly right. There was a blurb on the Internets about an experiment that found cell phone conversations were annoying preciously because people only heard half the conversation. I guess it is hard for our brains to parse the information. Personally I rather people sit quietly messaging on their cells.
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Such a stupid idea. You don't get something from nothing. To generate electricity from breath, breathing will necessarily become more difficult. I'd rather not impede a necessary life sustaining function to charge my batteries.
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I always enjoy the little passive-aggressive blurbs at the beginning of his books. It is always something to the effect of 'kiss my ass, haters, I'll write what I want.' Also his rather strange appearance on Sons of Anarchy was quite enjoyable.
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Earlier this month we heard about a judge that made a man take his wife out for a lobster dinner and now a judge is making a guy post a public apology on his Facebook page. It seems like the intent here is only to shame the man. How about sticking with tradition and throw him in jail for a while and make him pay his child support. I have a hard time believing this is justice and not yet another judge only looking for some publicity.
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The receipt is probably real but the story sounds absolutely bogus. A stingy banker, with absolutely no provocation, leaves crappy tips and condescending remarks on receipts at the places he frequents because he thinks everyone is so beneath him. It is all just a little too convenient not to be fabricated for political purposes. Also the Twitter account happens to get deleted too. Maybe the evil banker's skilled assassins took her out Probably whoever posted it chickened-out after this went viral.
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Unfortunately Sandi shooting him in the butt might be considered excessive force. You'd probably be in jail longer than the loser that attempted to rob you at gun point.
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