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They don't cost as much as you think. I have one of the first model year, and base price was 16k or so, mine was under 20K w/ most of the bells and whistles. It is basically a glorified station wagon, but worth the price, to me.
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I used to live in Rhode Island, USA (smallest US state in area). The state is so small that you can get a regular license plate that just happens to have your initials, if you ask & they have that plate available.

Mine is KCXXX
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When I was a 10-year-old girl, my cousin and I would gather up lizards that the cats had partially eaten, peel the skin off and try to assemble a complete lizard skeleton. This girl's hobby seems much more sanitary.
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This is really sad. He seems hostile to his wife. The "news" he links to on his blog betray a poisonous attitude towards wives, and marriage, in general.

He wasn't getting enough attention from his wife so he pulled this stunt. Now he has our attention, and channel 6's as well. Hope that made him happy because it might just wreck his family.
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I shouldn't be telling this, but I collect dryer lint. Some day I will do something really interesting with it. That is, if my laundry room doesn't spontaneously combust first.
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I love this thing! I went to V&A museum website to check it out and it was on sale! Only 5 pounds, but it would cost 25 pounds or something ridiculous to ship to the US.
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Last night I spent an hour or so looking at all of the photos on that site.

The man looks so proud, and the baby looks so happy and relaxed. And they both are so chubby-cute. I love that picture and would marry it if I weren't already married.
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