Husband on Strike.

James Wilson of Redford, Michigan, went on strike - a very unique strike. He will stay on the roof of his house until his wife Vanessa makes their 3-year old daughter and 2-year old son sleep in their own beds and not his!

Even though our two month old daughter refuses to sleep without my wife holding her, and my two year son won't even attempt to sleep without his pacifier, my wife still refuses to take my advice about how to fix these problems.

After begging and pleading with my wife (because I adore and love her dearly) to stop spoiling our children and ignoring my feelings, I've decided enough is enough.

So I went on strike — and moved to the roof of our home.

James' website: Husband On Strike | Local6 Story

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mom here of 6........well first things first invest in an intercom. come down off the roof and help your wife so that all the resposibitlity is not only up to her it took two to create those little blessings and not the two of you should become resposibile in raising them.but i do think she should move the children into their own room their is many dangers having them sleep with you.suffication is just one sids is another. so you need to get down off that roof try hiring a sitter and take your wife out for a nice dinner. trust me it helps yours truly mother of 6
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Ok today is April 21st,2006.I just saw you and your wife on Dr Phil.You said the baby is only 3 months old.Give the woman a break she just had a Baby!.She does not need another one crying on her shoulder.As Dr. Phil would say"How's that working for ya?".It must not be since your still on the roof now,LOL.Grow up and be a man and here's a bottle get off the breast already.They now belong to the baby.Maybe you could move back in with your Mommy? LOL LOl

Mary Dallas-Wife On Strike !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is really sad. He seems hostile to his wife. The "news" he links to on his blog betray a poisonous attitude towards wives, and marriage, in general.

He wasn't getting enough attention from his wife so he pulled this stunt. Now he has our attention, and channel 6's as well. Hope that made him happy because it might just wreck his family.
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*begging and pleading*...

it's easy to see who runs things in that house. Poor kids growing up with a Dad who won't assert his authority and MAKE the kids sleep in their own beds... *go ask your mother*... but then maybe it's a ploy on the wife's part to not have sex with her husband?
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