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Aren't lions considered an endangered, or at least threatened, species? That's my main concern with this, it's like eating tiger or jaguar meat.

I mean, if there was a way to have sustainable, farm-raised lion meat in the same way we can have ostrich or bison, that would be different, but A) they're a large predator, and B) if you've ever heard the phrase "like herding cats", imagine trying to herd a bunch of HUGE cats. Not gonna happen.
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Since the Borg are only capable of adapting to resist phaser fire after a couple of them have been killed by it, they wouldn't have time to repel a single shot from the Death Star which would totally obliterate the Borg cube.As long as the Death Star fired first, before the Borg had a chance to infiltrate or assimilate their technology, the Borg would be toast.
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Bearfoot, I watch Good Eats too. It's a great show and I own the cookbooks, but that doesn't mean that I'm always going to follow Alton Brown's methods or do everything he says religiously.

My point is that this books isn't your everyday go-to recipe book. From my point of view, it exists to show people what CAN be done with food, using food as an art form like others would use paint or clay.

A bunch of people took their passion for food, spent a lot of time and effort and money creating something unique they could be proud of, and you've got the nerve to call it pretentious? That's a pretty small-minded view of things.

If I could afford the book, I'd buy it, but just because I can't afford the hefty price tag doesn't mean I'm going to dismiss it as a pretentious waste of money.
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I wouldn't exactly call it pretentiousness, bearfoot. It's a gorgeous book with amazing photos and scientific facts, meant for people who really, REALLY like food as well as the science behind it. It's worth it if you think of food as more than just something you stuff down your gullet on a daily basis to keep you alive. Everyone's got a hobby or a passion, what's the big deal if some peoples' passion is food?
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"why are all these wild animal mothers being so negligent to their young in the first place"

...umm. probably the mothers were killed somehow, and the cubs are orphaned? It's not as though tiger mums get fed up with their kids and ditch them...
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