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@sandman how is this political?? Ethics is (or at least should be) bipartisan..

definitely a neat post. Ignorance is not bliss people.
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I see how I miss interpreted your comment and I'm sorry for calling you narrow minded. I'm glad to see that that is not what you meant.

Also, the monkeys head is most definitely not separated from its body.

The monkey is probably treated better then any other monkey used in research. If anything this is because the cost of implanting the electrodes and, more importantly, the mapping of its neurons and customizing the software for its particular brain costs a lot of money and time. These scientists want this monkey alive and happy for as long as physically possible.
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I would like to retract my negative comments towards neatorama in my previous post. I mistook the fact that my post disappeared as censorship.

Also, I really have nothing against the (however unproportional) number of Dr.Who posts on this site
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Apparently Neatorama doesn't allow everyone's opinion to be posted... I guess I will just go with the flow...

Wow this is horrible! I hate how these scientists and engineers think they are better then everyone else and can do what they want to animals. I dont care what kind of revolutionary technologies these experiments will help create. I agree with ted, the therapeutic technologies we have now are more then good enough for us, crutches and wheelchairs FTW! Why bother for prosthesis that could help someone paralyzed regain a natural range of motion, or help someone who has ALS keep their muscles strong and functioning.

Neatorama, please remove this image immediately, torturing monkeys, by implanting electronics similar to those used in humans, is not neat. Why dont you just post something nice like a story about a cake designer making Tardis shaped wedding cakes, or a new line of Dr. Who figurines please.
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This entire outrage is based on peoples assumptions that these monkeys are being treated inhumanly without one shred of knowledge of the technology that actually goes into something like this. Similar technology is being used on humans right now and they are most definitely not withering in pain.

These kind of experiments are already being done in the US for years now (at Duke University of example), and the technologies that they are facilitating to be developed would be revolutionary for not only amputees, but victims of paralysis, cerebellar disease, lou gehrig's, etc...

ted, I have never really argued against someone on the internet before, but your comment to vet has to be the most narrow minded and most saddening things I have ever heard. Engineers and scientists are devoting their lives to help improve the quality of living for others and you simply dismiss this by suggesting we continue to be satisfied by technologies that are more then 100 years old... now that is horrendous!!
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If the art does not speak to you, do not yell back.

People dismissed Picasso near the turn of the century for similar reasons that you are dismissing these works here, and he has probably had the biggest influence on art since then.

Also, im sure that conceptual artists dont make art just to live as parasites off of society. There are much easier ways to do this, that would probably pay alot better also.

To appreciate this art or talk about it does not make you smug, it just shows that your open minded. To dismiss it (which is not the same as discussing why you don't like it..) just shows the opposite.
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Things that look even more like the stuff on pandora are "christmas tree worms", they retract just as quickly and look the same.
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