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ACV is the only thing I have found to reliably beat back and eliminate my heartburn/acid reflux. Since first hearing about it and experiencing it's benefits myself I've recommended it to numerous people and in every case they have had the same positive results.
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Without passing judgement on guilt or innocence I can sympathize with wanting to step away from an expensive and ongoing battle about something that happened almost a decade ago - at which point I was accused, tested (hundreds of times), and found blameless - only to be challenged again by the hearsay testimony of ex-friends, bested competitors and casual acquaintances. Enough is enough indeed.

And yes, Jay 6 is right, the factual mistake in the headline should be changed as well.
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For those of us living in Asia this is ancient news.

Pizza Hut Thailand is renowned for it's bizarre crust stuffings of which hot dog (sausage) is one of the oldest and mildest.
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Every driver we travelled with on our trip through India told the same, tired yet painfully true joke; "You need three things to drive in India. Good Horn. Good Brakes. Good Luck."

I can't overstate how much I despised the driving habits of the majority of Indians I witnessed. All over the country the horn is used in lieu of: mirrors, turn indicators, headlights, stop lights and - most often - common sense.

I could not even begin to count the number of taxis we were in where the driver blew his horn repeatedly (and continuously) for no damn reason whatsoever, as if failing to do so would cause the engine to cease working.
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In Thailand Burger King, McDonalds and KFC all deliver. I have used all of these services at one point or another and the results are slightly better than if you had picked something up at the drive-through and brought it home yourself. Delivery people use the same battery-powered 'hot boxes' as pizza delivery people.
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Obviously some of you out there have an anti-American bias. Why? Because nowhere - either in the post or in the comments - does anyone say "As an American I am offended!".

As I recall this was a global event. They have TVs in Holland and South Korea, right?

Almost 3,000 people died during the attacks on 9-11 and not wanting to be reminded of those events doesn't make you "pro-American", it makes you "anti-murder".

Besides, it's fucking ugly.
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Having visited there this summer I have to say I'm not at all surprised to hear it might collapse.

Don't get me wrong it's a beautiful, breath-taking piece of architecture and I'm sure there is some ingenious way a collapse could be prevented but seeing as how the current caretakers can't even be bothered to pick up the trash around it, prevent people from blatantly scratching graffiti on it, or even encourage locals not to piss in it (seriously - WTF India?), I doubt anything will be done.
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