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+10 for dreaming utopian data-life integration fantasy.

-1,000,000 for all the data leak they don't mention. Do I actually think that the only thing he shared with the internet was the graffiti picture? I do not.
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I can confirm that this was originally shown on That's Life. I saw it as a kid. It used to specialise in exactly this sort of story - as well as human interest and expose.
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They're cakes. If they were biscuits, we'd have to pay more tax on them, and the price would go up. ;)

If you get a chance to try them, don't pass it up! Especially the dark chocolate ones...
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Well, yes, toxoplasmosis.

But until recently I had a house full of the little buggers, and came to respect them (apart from the shitting everywhere and literally eating my house, that is).

Having caught and observed about two dozen of the dears over a period of a few years, I can honestly say that the variance in personality is amazing. I've seen timid, frightened mice, of course; but also unfased and probably unfasable mice; studious, curious mice; old, experienced, sneaky survivor mice; stupid, reckless mice; mice that performed incredible feats of courage and agility; and, yes, aggressive, fearless mice.

I almost miss them -- until I remember how much the curtains cost.
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They're good. They're very good. But not the best.

There is, of course, the ineffable Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century.

There is the indescribabable Duck Amuck.

There is Rabbit Fire. ("Rabbit Season! Duck Season!")

And I'd like to offer up a personal favourite, Compressed Hare (probably the best of the four Bugs v Wile E Coyote cartoons.)

My 10c.
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Forgive me, but all I can think is: thank the gods he stopped at his tongue.

I thought at first he had lost his hands in some terrible accident. But, no. He's just trying to be different.

Normally I applaud different, but this seems ... well, childish.
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This is my favourite area in the entire world -- so far.

I remember going into a pub while on holiday about five miles from here, in a tiny little hamlet just outside where we were staying. Suddenly, the locals all switched to speaking Welsh.

And, I was not in the least offended; just pleased that they had a way to continue their discussion in private. Besides, spoken welsh sounds wonderful.
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I'd alwasy assumed that the producers' final revenge on the Monkees was to ensure, in the edit, that the movie made no sense.

I've certainly heard that said of the movies sudden ending.
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Except that Rorschach would have described himself as lawful good. And some versions of Batman pretty much admit to being Chaotic Neutral (what was that line about "we're bad guys; we've always been bad guys"?)

Never did think much of D&D alignments: too pat. Life is more complex. (And, so should role-playing be.)
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In the UK we would be astonished to hear that the Hokey Cokey (definitely "Cokey") had any US connections at all.

Here, it is almost exclusively connected with London's Pearly Kings and Queens ( I can imagine very little that more strongly evokes Englishness.
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Still waiting for an answer to your question, "can a boy join the girl scouts?" -- which you don't address.

A male to female transgender child is a "girl" not a "boy".
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As someone who has lived all his life in the UK, it's nice to see I'm not the only one that thinks beans for breakfast is weird. But you do see it a lot. You see the hash browns a lot, too (and I for one welcome our US breakfast invaders).

Black pudding has not, I suspect, made it as far as the southern parts of the UK as yet. Shame.
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You got there before me. Although my favourite line is: "Which is precisely the sort of thing we want to know! Do people WANT fire that can be fitted nasaly?"
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So, let me see if I understand. The pinnacle of romanticism is to be woken in the middle of the night by an insane incompetent madman, who has access to almost unlimited power? And who will then most likely spend ages* agonising about whether he should risk your life while trying to save your planet?

Mate, that must be some strange new meaning of the word I've previously not been aware of.

( *possibly literally.)
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Erm ... it WAS a parody. A really good one -- it makes the 60's Batman TV show look like the cheesy cop-out it really was.

For those that haven't seen it, it culminates with a mixed martial art duke out between the bad guy and doc ... one at a time, with subtitles, as in: "Ding! And now, Savate!" And then the Doc operates on his brain to cure him...

Not that knowing this spoils seeing the movie in any way.
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Bike helmets are a pet peeve of mine.

As far as I know, there has never even be a definitive study of how likely you are, if you have an accident while cycling, to land on your head.

It seems logical to assume that if you did land on your head they might be of some use, admittedly. But I don't think that anyone knows, scientifically speaking, how much.
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Forgive me, but I believe we have some sort of cultural namespace collision going on here.

In the UK, and to anyone who remembers Monty Python's Flying Circus, this is a Gumby:

...and I can certainly imagine him trying to rob a convenience store, although admittedly not succeeding.

Of course, the handkerchief is not much of a disguise...
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Regardless of whether dyslexia "exists" -- and your "facts" are certainly not generally recognised as such -- it appears that a number of people who have been diagnosed as dyslexic find that this font (and others like it) really do help them.

So: people have a problem and this helps. Why do you care what the problem is called? Why not let those people decide whether their problem is caused by poor teaching or some sort of disorder?

I, too, noticed that the font costs 700eu. Trying to profit from illness (or, indeed, from a social disadvantage like illiteracy, not that I think that this is what that is) is truly disgusting.
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With or without the legislation, companies will stop manufacturing old-style bulbs eventually. Most of the world will switch to newer light sources, and the manufacturers will have to follow demand.

No sense in freaking over CFLs anyway. It's true that the light is less yellow and that they take a while to get going (especially the older ones). Also, the "equivalent wattage" claims are full of BS. Multiply by three, not four or five.

But they'll soon be replaced by LEDs.
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I'm pretty certain that that's the cutest animal picture I've ever seen.

Can anyone else see a resemblance to Hobbes, from Calvin & Hobbes? It's the expression on the face.
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_"Here at Neatorama, every author either uses their real name or a made up name that sounds like a real name so they don’t have to explain it."_

By my count there are 27 out of 40 obvious made up names, so far. (And yes, Hootie, I'm counting you, too.)

So maybe the masks are still in fashion after all.
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