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@ Miss Cellania - I think they want the password so that they can see everything. A lot of people block content from certain parties. What they can see publicly might be different to what they can see with your password.

Somebody asked me the other day if we should be checking facebook pages of applicants that apply to work in my workplace. I can't see any benefit. I don't want a team of people just like me or like everybody else here. I want a group of people with different outlooks, views and experiences bringing their own perspectives and learning to my team, not clones or people with perfect pasts....(or sneaky enough to create one that they think I want to see).
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It's not laziness if you are raised by boomers who were sold the myth of canned goodness and the wonders of frozen convenience during the 40's, 50's and 60's. Today we know the reality of these products,but I can see how families become culturally ensconced in this crap over generations. It takes time and courage for a new generation to try something different. There is the risk of looking bourgeoise in front of the rest of the family eating their frozen dinners, the lack of knowledge regarding fresh food preparation,the risk of making the wrong choice and having no back food. I guess that's the areas that formal education lets a lot of people down...
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Not technically fast food, but junkfood... In Japan a few years ago we found many different flavoured KitKat bars including Mango, Green Tea, Strawberry, Soy Sauce and more. The Soy Sauce flavour wasn't as hideous as it sounds, the Green Tea was and the Mango was hardcore sweetness.
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Bryan, nobody 'decides' they are a girl or a boy, they are what they are and are how they feel. Gender, despite society insisting it should be so, is not binary. Nicole, chose to share who she is with the people she loves and thankfully they listened and responded in a compassionate and loving way. Why is this even considered a major life decision? Why can't Nicole be Nicole now and change her mind if she wants to later (or not), there is more to her gender than a set of genitalia and hormones. She doesn't owe anyone an explanation. If transgenderism is too challenging to our own stereoptypes, then it is our problem, not hers. I've also met 50 year old people incapable of making major life decisions, so I doubt age is relevant.
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Last trip to Japan, my partner and I saw what we thought were hot roasted veggies ~ potatoes and Parsnips, covered in delicious steamy gravy. After 4 weeks of Japanese soups and local foods, we thought they looked too good to pass up. Bought the largest tray we could find in the store. Rushed back to the hotel to tuck in. They were toffee coated potatoes and parsnips. WTF?
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I thought I read somewhere years ago that there were issues with the forest in Japan because compasses wouldn't work in it - something about Mount Fuji making them go haywire. I recall hearing that search volunteers had to go in with ropes tied to them to make sure they found their way back. Someone with a much better scientific mind than mine might be able to elaborate?? Or maybe it's an urban myth or I have the wrong suicide forest.
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Sedlec Ossary in Kutna Hora, Czech republic is great - can be very busy though. Bus loads of tourists flock in for three minutes at a time - it's kind of tidal. When you do get a few minutes peace it is good and worth the wait. It's a nice day trip out of Prague if you have time. Nice countryside around it too.
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Neil, I'm sorry that you saw my comment as aggressive. It was my intention to highlight the social consequences that I have seen from varying govt responses to HIV throughout the world. As you seemed to advocate a particularly right wing approach I thought I would share what I have seen in a professional capacity having worked in HIV health and social services for nearly 20 years. I offered details about my personal and professional background to indicate how and where my opinions have been formed. I am always willing to change them and learn from others. The opinions you have presented appear to me to be based on negative stereotypes (Ivdu) , long disproven research (queer families) and fear (bi-phobic). Maybe if you had engaged in meaningful debate instead of what I assume was probably either an homophobic, uninformed or insulting rant (assumption based upon everything you written thus far), you wouldn't have been censored?
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So it is! Sorry about that. I still don't understand why the deferral is for "having had msm sex within a year" , why not defer "anyone" who has had "unsafe sex" within a year??
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Neil Camberly, I live in Australia, I am a gay man. I manage a sexual health HIV Clinic. I am HIV negative. In Australia, it was the gay communities(or Lobby as you call it) co-ordinated, urgent and public response in the 1980's that prevented HIV taking hold amongst the wider heterosexual community. We fought for funding,we fought for public education and we fought for resources. We lobbied, we prevented a catastrophe that occurred in the US, Africa, India , South East Asia. China etc where ignorance, homophobia and nasty right wing hatred fought against these measures. Reagan didn't even acknowledge HIV existed for the first 7 years.... You can keep you head buried in the sand with your socially conservative views and uninformed crapola about rainbow families, bisexuality and drug injecting communities. Just look around you, see the wider picture and at least be honest enough to admit that the conservative, uninformed approach you advocate and present is partially responsible for the mess you are in.

By the way author, Australia still has a complete ban on gay men donating. Ridiculous that I have been in a monogamous 13 year relationship and can't donate while any slapper can pick up an anonymous root at the pub and donate the next day.....
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