Habits You Develop Growing Up Poor

John Cheese at Cracked posted a list called The 5 Stupidest Habits You Develop Growing Up Poor, but also pointed out that they are perfectly rational from the vantage point of someone who does not have the choices that come with financial solvency. They would seem stupid to anyone who hasn't been there, done that. For example, the food you grew up eating was determined by price and preservatives.
Forget about fresh produce or fresh baked goods or fresh anything. Canned vegetables are as cheap as a gang tattoo, and every poor person I knew (including myself) had them as a staple of their diet. Fruit was the same way. Canned peaches could be split between three kids for half the cost of fresh ones, and at the end you had the extra surprise of pure, liquefied sugar to push you into full-blown hyperglycemia.

If it wasn't canned, it was frozen. TV dinners, pot pies, chicken nuggets ... meals that can be frozen forever, and preparation isn't more complicated than "Remove from box. Nuke. Eat." Because of that, by week two, half of everything we bought would be freezer burned. Just like with the canned food, you grow up thinking that this is the way it's supposed to taste. It's not that you grow to like it, necessarily, but you do grow to expect it.

This is not the humorous Cracked article you may expect, but the text is still NSFW. Link

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John Cheese's articles on poverty, addiction, responsibility, adulthood, and parenthood may not be the funniest things on Cracked, but they are some of the best written, most thought-provoking, and most instructional.
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"...liquefied sugar to push you into full-blown hyperglycemia."

After finishing my peaches I would crumble vanilla sandwich cookies into the juice. That seemed to add a nice finish.
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I can completely relate to this article. The only difference is that I do spend money on fresh foods and produce. Describes my current status very well. Wish I could break out of it!!!!!
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Wow, I never expected anything of that quality from cracked. It's always good for a dick joke but I didn't expect anything so thoughtful.

Amazing how much gasoline and his truck intrude in those descriptions. Poor quality food? Can't afford to drive to the store weekly for fresh food. Why have we designed our cities to prevent walking?
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