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@Ali lol we're not gonna die, even if the solar system gets pulled to the galaxy's center, our own sun would have exploded thousands of billions of years ago.
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lol a white dwarf is a class of star you morons, the result of a planetary nebula after a star's fuel(fusion of hydrogen into helium and then of helium into carbon till iron) depletes, and due to the gravitational pull of itself(higher layers) results on an explosion creating a white dwarf.
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"# Nathan Says:
March 23rd, 2007 at 11:38 am

But gravity isn’t a law, it’s a theory…"

you're kidding right? damn i'll pretend i've never read this

and by the way, actually if he(the guy on the cartoon) had an initial velocity(on balistic flight) fast enough like 11.23km/s(earth's escape velocity)or higher, yes, he could have gone up and never come back.
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