Foot Binding and Other Fashion Blunders in History.

From Radar Online, here's a top 10 list of History's Biggest Fashion Fouls. Coming in at number 5 is Chinese Bound Feet:

According to one of several versions of the story, the Chinese fetish for foot-binding (pictured, above), designed literally to keep women in their place, dates from the thirteenth century with the Empress Taki, who was born with a clubfoot. Her courtiers took to binding their own feet in cloth in imitation, and soon small, tightly bound designer feet became highly desirable in Chinese women, even though bound toes were likely to become gangrenous. Chinese husbands, meanwhile, encouraged foot-binding because their crippled wives were less likely to run off. Foot-binding was officially abolished by Chairman Mao in 1949.

Link - via Gorilla Mask

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That's harsh judgement. Have you ever watched the surgery that women go through today for big boobs or plastic surgery? The only difference is time and anesthesia. Also, foot binding was not to keep women at home, as the article says, it was to identify the classes. A bound woman couldn't had to be waited on.
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The toes are all broken to bend in like that and so is the rest of the foot so that it crunches inwards... this is a perfect example of footbinding and exactly what they strove for... can you imagine the process of doing that? Breaking all of your toes AND walking on them... as well as shrinking your foot AND walking on it????
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:0 that is messed up. looks like a sword sliced it and the food in the front looks broken. HOW CAN YOU DO THAT YOU WERENT MEANT TO DO THAT!!! D:
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