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This story sounds legit but it's really just a promo for a commercial site that "sells" recipes to fast food.

You have to agree to multi-paragraph legal agreement just to view "his" recipe" which is identical to 90% of the chocolate chip recipes available freely all over the web, or in any cookbook.

I suspect this fellow's real business is licensing the recipes from the original franchises and reeling in suckers who feel like they're getting away with something.

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He started showing up on the Simpsons in 1999! Where y'all been?
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Article claims the Eiffel Tower was first to surpass the Pyramid of Giza as worlds tallest manmade structure.

Even though it took 40 years to complete, the Washington Monument was tallest for 2-3 years *before* Eiffel's tower was built.
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More often than not, it may have also been Disney's predilection towards rotoscoping human movements that were "hard" to draw realisitically. Dancing, walking - just noticed the windmill in The Aristocats last night. There's no end to it, and occasionally you'll see clips from old b&w films they "studied" to do the drawings...
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There are benefits to the imperial system. Ever try to build a house in metric? Due to our tendency towards symmetry and certain proportions, the foot is a nifty system for dividing into halves, thirds, and quarters, and the precision of the fractional inches is accurate enough for most work. Over time these dimensions may too be absorbed, but I think there will always be domains where imperial units will continue to preside for practical sake.
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Got a fresh look at those hats when I saw Deathcab for Cutie live in Toronto on Hallowe'en night last year. For their encore they all emerged wearing the same red vacuum formed hats and yellow plastic coveralls from the classic DEVO era and played 4 consecutive covers.
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Perhaps every American should carry a gun for a year and we'll see what happens (hopefully from a great distance).

FWIW: Women often have higher *attempt* rates for suicide - men are just far more successful at it - often 4 times as much.

"Lies, damn lies, and statistics...and damn gun statistics." – Some Guy
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I think Dan Piraro would have something to say about this...he had a strip that riffed on this technique exactly, 'cept he uses it as a baldnesss cure.
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yep, and i kinda doubt the neck is made of the same pine, so claiming the
'action' is great really has more to do with what he added to the
'placeholder' solid body. He coulda used solid plastic for the same effect...
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