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Should be "hordes of people", not "hoards". Sorry, I can be a jerk like that.

People sometimes do see what they want to see, but this sparks thing is a little crazy. I'll wait for the video documentation. The statue does look pretty scary.
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The timing was a little off in a lot of places, but those Brazilian students did a good job. The Pixar guy is pretty scary looking (the schnoz)
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So just cuz he's Swiss, he has the authority to choose something like the "7 wonders"? Who is this guy really?

I figured National Geographic would be a better authority.
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Agreed, Altidude. The pictures definitely could have had a stronger impact if they were taken from a perspective of the normal people, but all the shots just scream that the photographer was another "giant"
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Oh my god! That lady is awesome. I can't think of any applications of her work at the moment (that's not my job), and I can't wait to see how it can be used.
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Boo guns. The founding fathers were awesome--gotta give them that much credit--but not everyone is right all the time. Even Einstein made mistakes. That's my opinion. You're all entitled to your own.
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