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"Bertation" was used, which is interesting when you watch the Serene Branson "suddenly can't speak English" video:

(Not trying to make fun here. She looks absolutely terrified.)
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1. Vandelay Industries, L, Dark Gray
2. Marvel Comics Heroes tumbler set.

(I still say you need "root Corrupts" and "Don't hate me because I'm root" tees.)
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Yes, but how to they *pronounce* Oregon? Or-a-gawn? Probably. But we forgive them their ignorance. How can they be expected to properly pronounce all 50 state names.

(I have to admit I'm unsure of whether to go with a long or short 'a' in Colorado and Nevada. So maybe I'm a hypocrite. But at least I'm aware of my ignorance.)
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Yeah, Waltz, I too think linguistics is a bunch of hooey. Whatever dude. Keep in mind that for many centuries, no trace of the Philistines was found outside the Biblical narrative. The archaeology that eventually found them was based entirely on the Bible and kicked quite a bit of mud in the face of skeptics who didn't believe they existed.
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The only mistake was that the first response should have said "your wrong." I'm not sure I've ever seen it correctly spelled on fb, so why start now?
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