What Playing In The NFL Does To Your Brain

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Football is definitely back this fall, but will the players show up after seeing this insightful video about what playing in the NFL does to your brain? Former player Dave Duerson donated his brain to the NFL Brain Bank so researchers can clearly see what happens when you knock your head around for a living, and the results aren't very pretty. But did anyone really think being a professional football player would be good for your mental health? I think not.


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"So...what, we're supposed to treat NFL players like heroes now or something?"

And how on earth did you come to that conclusion from what was presented in the video?
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I agree; some kind of comparison was necessary rather than pointing and saying "bad, bad".

@masada...I think the timing of the posting this video may have something to do with the current (well, recently ended) negotiations between NFL players and owners. IIRC, one of the terms they were negotiating was better healthcare and compensation for former players. Kinda...'we get our brains beat out making billions of dollars for you, you help us when we can no longer function.'
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The majority of those cavities shouldn't be there. There also looks to be a slight discoloration which may be the result of smoking or drug-use.

Intercerebral Hemmhorages are pools of blood collecting inside the brain, the pressure of this blood is enough to destroy delicate brain-cells. The brain's consistency is that of jell-o, and if you remember "Hannibal", you can imagine, it can be scooped up like ice-cream.

Other vocations/hobbies that basically guarantee brain-damage: Anything involving physical trauama, Anything involving low oxygen atmospheres( e.g Firefighting, Mountain-Climbing, Pilot, etc.,)
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