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My mother-in-law mention that especially during the 60s and 70s that a lot of women abandon anything associated with "traditional women" crafts like sewing and knitting as an attempt to separate themselves during the women's movement, which meant that, indeed, there was a whole generation that never learned these skills or gave them up. At the time it probably seemed a reasonable reaction, but I suspect it was a real loss to a lot of their own mothers' connection with their daughters. Subsequently, a second generation never learned the skills either and rediscovered them all and how to use them to assert individuality over the last 15 years.
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The geese in Golden Gate park are pretty much the geese in that clip as well. Maybe geese are just animals you have to get to know before they aren't just straight up jerks to you.
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In the 70s we used those golf club protection tubs with a cap on them shoved into those flashlights they use for directing traffic at night. Voila. Light saber.
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I remember being cynical, too. It goes away and eventually you learn to enjoy silly things like this again. If not, you end up growing a 70s mustache and wearing skinny pants and only taking picture on plastic kids' cameras you find in Goodwill.
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"...I desperately miss seeing David Tennant..." While I liked Tennant, I have enjoyed Smith's Doctor much more. Eccleston was by far my favorite of the new incarnations, though.

Fun video, though. Nice to see that they all keep in touch and have fun with silly projects like this.
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"Isn't that what the German people did in the run up to WWII?" Only six comments in? NICE! It's like a slam dunk. I'm surprised you also didn't turn to the other current favorite conservative go-to, Mao.

For the record, I'm about as liberal as you can get. I've been married since 1997 and with the same person since 1992. I can't see living my life without that person. We travel together, see movies together, parent together. Marriage, at the time, in '97, was a convenient way to get gifts and she proposed to me with the following phrase: "You know, if we got married we'd get a lot of gifts like a KitchenAid mixer and kitchen stuff." :) We still use the knives, plates, and KitchenAid on a regular basis, btw.

Also for the record, I'm the guy in the relationship and I'm completely on board with cleaning, laundry, dishes, going to the grocery store, cooking, etc. (our gender roles in our relationship have always been reversed - I'm totally the Felix in the relationship) Whatever needs to be done. I work full time and my wife is an active parent for our three year old. She also works on the weekends and I take care of our kid. She also works at our kid's co-op pre-school helping teaching, planning, putting together lessons and snacks. It's a massive job that I don't envy. My work by comparison feels laid back. I work very hard to voice my appreciation on a regular basis and try to make sure she knows just how incredible of a great job she is going and how I absolutely find it harder than my job.

But traditional? Hm. Well, we're married. Um. And we're monogamous, mostly because I'm way too jealous and lazy to put the work into anything else, i.e. it's not a morality issue as much as it's a "I don't want to feel jealous." issue (or maybe, moreover, I'm too lazy to learn NOT to be jealous). We've never been to a church together for any reason since we're both non-religious (she is agnostic, I'm a sort of existential atheist). We're "traditional" I guess because we're married, and that's about it. We have close relatives that are very religious (in the South, no less), with two kids, who both think marriage is ridiculous and can't see any reason anyone would do it. We have friends here that are all but married legally speaking but found no reason to formalize it with an arcane ceremony (apparently the sway of free stuff was simply no match for the one-size-fits-all legal ramifications of a marriage for them).

It is, in the long run, a dying habit of Americans, Which is fine. As pointed out, we peasants haven't been able to get married in any genuine legal sense until very recently in human history. There's as much "sanctity" in marriage as there are pixies in Pixy Stix. Our marriage was mostly about having a single event to get our family and friends around to celebrate (and the stuff, don't forget that part) together, and that part of it I appreciated. But the marriage itself wasn't that important. Being together and being a team was what was important then and is important now.
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I'm a bit perplexed that there are people that think this girl looks better after her surgery. Her nose is smaller, but it is noticeably non-symmetrical now and not in a natural way but in a "I had cosmetic surgery and they almost got it right!" sort of way. The tan, even more disturbing. Add the pucker and the second picture looks like it might as well be a thumbnail for a porn video.

The before picture: she looks like a young, pretty girl. Keyword here being "girl". She's not even fully physically matured and yet she's already been altered into a societal concept of pretty during a small snapshot in time. Good luck to her as that changes every year for the rest of her life.
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The lack of comments in the thread with crude references to the look on Al Cohol's face paired up with the tantalizingly easy to make fun of tagline "The Incredible Coming Of Captain Al Cohol" makes me weep for the loss of our scatological heritage.
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Wait, so these guys birthed pod coffee? Yuck. So, so, so terrible. I always look before I order coffee in small cafes to make sure they aren't using pod coffee. It's instantly recognizable from it's stale, almost cardboard-like flavor.

You could spend a lot less and get an Aero-Press, an extra package of filters and a cheap blade grinder (although a burr is better) and brew much better coffee.

Or just spend money on a ceramic single cup drip maker and a grinder.

Fresh ground coffee is what makes coffee wonderful. As someone was said, the great smell you get when you open a package or can of ground coffee is the last of the flavor wafting out of the container.
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