Captain Al Cohol

In 1973, the government of the Northwest Territories, Canada, commissioned a comic book to address alcoholism in the indigenous population. The result was a series featuring "Captain Al Cohol", an alien who crashed onto Earth. The Captain has a drinking problem.

You can read the entire first issue at the link. I'm not sure if alcohol gives the titular character super strength, or causes debilitation. It's not clear whether he is a villain, a hero, or a victim. But the story, however bizarre, is certainly a product of the 1970s.

Link -via Nag on the Lake

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Gauldar, it's a book designed for the Native community about a person who has an alcohol problem. Couldn't they have created a character that a Native could identify with more? I suppose if they had, there would be cries of racism. So, they create an alien blond superhero with a drinking problem. Because nobody cares if white people are portrayed as drunks.

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1970s, around the time of Provincial Prohibitions in Canada. It would more than likely be the case that Captain Al Cohol was debilitated by consumption of alcohol.

Recently the Toronto Sun reported on a Poll that suggests most Canadians would like alcohol available in convenience stores. So, my cousin a burgeoning convenience store owner started pushing the message "Freedom! Freedom to purchase alcohol at convenience stores".

So, knowing that alcohol has such detrimental effects I sourced out and compiled a list of Canadian, American and International studies on the "outlet-density" of alcohol in relation to violent crime and found that for the last 40 years, repeated studies have confirmed a positive correlation with outlet-density and violence, burglaries and fatalities.
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Fer Cthulu's sake man, his nethers are encased in a solid block of ice! Alien or no, thats a look of agony
on his face!
One would assume that his fighting style would be
"drunken"? Or mayhaps he talks & hugs them into submission?
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