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Look closely. Her legs aren't crossed at all.
"What has happened, is that Carme covered her left thigh in a way where it appears it’s pointing left, instead of it actually pointing up. This photo has been featured in several world sites as a wrong retouch, but after all the false spotlight it received, the agency who took the shoot explained how the legs were actually not crossed at all! I’m not sure I managed to explain what is happening here, but be sure to check the solution I created with help of the Photoshop (below) – it’s still hard to imagine, yet it should explain the illusion."
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Chicago is known as the "Second City" because, as this article points out, the first city burned down. It had nothing to do with being 2nd behind NYC. Also, the title Windy City had to do with its politicians being full of hot air
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I pass by the Crab Shack all the time and I also ride a bike in St Pete. I ride against traffic in the bike lane if at all. Just the other day I almost ended up on the hood of a car driven by a blue hair. She was lead footing it through a parking lot. When the snowbirds head south NEVER assume the other guy is in control of his vehicle.

This poor guy had one hell of a commute. So sad
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It wasn't too long ago that a respectable woman would enter a bar without a male escort if at all. You've come a long way baby.
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Not even close. The top of Lincoln's ear is on the same level as his eyebrow. This young man's ears are lower and protrude much more.
As mentioned before, the clothes are wrong.
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