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And, there's the Rebel Legion for those of you who prefer Wookies, Jedi, X-Wing pilots, scoundrels or princesses. :) It's a lot of fun to troop at museums and charity events- and marching in the DragonCon parade is awesome. :)

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@ Oscar Zoroaster

No, where I work you see it on a variety of races. It's more that we tend to see it on people mired on the bottom step of Maslow's hierarchy, and from all appearances happy about it.

Yes, at least they're covered, but it's still tacky looking.

@ Lighthill

Maybe if violators have to stand on a street corner and sing 'Pants on the Ground' while wearing clown hats? (And paintballing guys with sagged pants on their way-too-exposed backsides should not be just allowed but encouraged. That's just me, though.)
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Though I think Stephanie's got it right, and the concept sounds fun- no thanks. I'm creeped out by using a laser on my eye for something useful, never mind just for aesthetic lols.

(racist? Does that have to be the explanation for everything these days?)

Jason 123, I shudder to think of the possibilities. ;)
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I do see the point Dreher makes- look at the behavior patterns for that have become widespread in the last few decades. The societal changes in how the genders view each other (and themselves) has left a lot of men feeling quite justified in treating women like trash. And, sadly, a lot of women seem to agree with them.

Just for the record: straight, married for 24 years, and really tired of people pointing at horrible extremes and shouting "There! See!! That's why marriage/religion/etc. are bad and we should get rid of ***all*** of them!!!!!!"
I grieve for those who have been abused in spiritual or physical families, but do not believe that either one is intrinsically valueless and in need of abolition.
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Ryan, interesting and well expressed. Thank you!

It's refreshing to see a discussion of the sort in this thread that doesn't break down to, "Your god sucks." "Yeah, well, your science sucks." "Does not!" "Does too!"
ad infinitum, ad nauseum, Godwin, blah blah blah.
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Good for the Alamo Drafthouse! Wish I lived close enough to patronize them.
Really, have people gotten to the point that they *must* text/tweet/FB every few minutes no matter where they are?
I realize it's not in keeping with the popular 'I do what I want, when I want, because I want' philosophy, but it's not asking that much to require that people shut off their tech for a little while in public places.

Go dark and enjoy what's going on, for goodness sake. Or save yourself the $9 and stay home where you can text to your heart's content with no hassle to anyone.
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Sandyra- no, that was Matthew.

Saul of Tarsus was a very learned man, but there's no evidence he was ever in the military. Before he chose the name of Paul and became a devout Christian, though, he did indeed assist in the arrest and murder of many believers. Maybe that's where they got the idea- kind of a slim connection, though.

I do, however, have no Scriptural support for the idea that Paul was hot. ;) And even less for the idea that the Bible tells when the world is going to end....
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Urgh. Thanks so much, Haubert, Camping, et al- for giving Christian-bashers something else at which they can point and say, "Yeah! They're all like that, see?"

Forgive the Family Radio 'army', Lord, they know not what they do....
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A disturbing thought to add...don't remember where I heard this now, but a teacher who had been on the job for many years had been teaching The Lottery every year for a long time.
She mentioned that students in years past had always been horrified by the story, once they read it and had a little time to let it sink in.
Apparently, that's no longer so...the students these days can't see anything wrong with the premise of the story, it's just reflecting another 'lifestyle choice'.

(Yes, that anecdote creeps me out a little, everytime I think about it. Ugh.)
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@ Alex:

Laugh. Heartily.

And *still* be glad I don't have to see a bunch of kids shambling around with their underwear hanging out, and pants almost down to their knees.

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