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Goddamn it, I never used to cry this much. And because kids make your brain mush, I didn't see the punchline until they punched it. I miss my brain.
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Shouldn't it be the public who decides how their public funds are spent? If most of the community seems to be fine with a dance, why is it being shut down?

This all-or-nothing approach is uglier than the alleged problem. If people want more dances, by all means have more dances. Mom and daughter dances, son and dad dances, baseball for everyone. But why shut something down? Something that people like? Because someone feels left out? Christ, just have another dance. Dances are fun.
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I used to feed yellow jackets cola off my fingers to lure them out of tents when I was camping. As long as you stay calm and offer them something they want (sugar!!) they don't freak out.

It's pretty easy to read hornet and wasp behavior. They lift their wings if they feel threatened. Move slow and don't swat at them, and you're gonna be okay (for the most part).

They're so cool.
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"most parents would be scared off a school that had to resort to such an extreme defensive tactic."

Yeah, better to have no defense than make parents feel uncomfortable about the rising trend of school violence. I wonder when they're going to do away with fire drills. Talk about scary.
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Poor thing, my rear. I worked at a pet store and hampsters were evil. They always bit.

Rats on the other hand were friendly, cute, and unfortunately most sold a snake food. I always tried to convince people that rats would make the better pet for their little snowflakes.
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