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looks like a biscuit from a selection pack thats been dipped in tea. Someones just carved out the lettering and left to dry for a few days!
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I've got that book and its awsome...feel like i could survive an outbreak! plus it helps havin played quite a few hours on Counter Strike Zombie Horde mod.

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28 Days Later? (although not termed a 'zombie' film) British through and through...

Shame Boyle didn't direct 28 Weeks Later - If you watch 28 Weeks Later the Americans deal with the outbreak like they have dealt with the war in Iraq...shoot anyone, suicide bomber or not.
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I actually think this is a really interesting piece of art work. I doubt it causes spiders any harm as they are always repairing webs and ridding debris such as leaves. If you think about how spiders create webs when concerning strength and design, the work that Nina Katchadourian has undertaken certainly makes for good contrast and reveals human deficiencies.

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