Biblical Find at the British Museum.

You never know what might turn up when you're digging around the British Museum. Last Thursday, Professor Michael Jursa found a cuneiform receipt from a person named in chapter 39 of the book of Jeremiah, as the Telegraph reports::

Searching for Babylonian financial accounts among the [cuneiform] tablets, Prof  Jursa suddenly came across a name he half remembered - Nabu-sharrussu-ukin, described there in a hand 2,500 years old, as "the
chief eunuch" of Nebuchadnezzar II, king of Babylon.

Prof Jursa, an Assyriologist, checked the Old Testament and there in chapter 39 of the Book of Jeremiah, he found, spelled differently, the same name - Nebo-Sarsekim.

Nebo-Sarsekim, according to Jeremiah, was Nebuchadnezzar II's "chief officer" and was with him at the siege of Jerusalem in 587 BC, when the Babylonians overran the city.

The small tablet, the size of "a packet of 10 cigarettes" according to Irving Finkel, a British Museum expert, is a bill of receipt acknowledging Nabu-sharrussu-ukin's payment of 0.75 kg of gold to a temple in Babylon.

The tablet is dated to the 10th year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II, 595BC, 12 years before the siege of Jerusalem.

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the professor mentioned that it was a 'bill of receipt' - but imagine how long it would have taken to chisel out. the poor guy must have been there for an hour.
i wouldn't fancy being a cashier in those days.
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LOL @ history and mythology.

I don't think they were trying to prove anything. This just confirms that the Bible does have its historically correct moments.

Way to have a chip on your shoulder.
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