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That is how my parents are. They feel I should know just about everything by now just because I go to school, particularly in the U.S. They were immigrants, so they seem to expect schools to teach you everything there is you need to know in life. I wish there were classes that taught you how to do taxes, because I don't even know how the fudge that works.

My mom never wanted to teach me how to cook. Or how to handle money, and save. I had to learn these things on my own. I save money better than my parents though; they spend fat chunks of it all the time on things we don't even need... and then chaos breaks out every month when they can't afford to pay all the bills. As for cooking, I know a few things, but not enough. I'm not really allowed to learn on my own either (I know, it's weird), yet they yell at me for not "knowing how to do anything."

Had to learn how to do laundry on my own as well. My parents just worry about school. Go to school, then you will make good money in the future so you can support us. It's always about them really. And here I am totally lost about the real life and having to learn things on my own somehow, which is tough.
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Maybe they should put one in schools again (lower than college) so kids can learn about handling money again ha. But yah this is very neat!
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I am a total history geek and I loved seeing these images. Thanks for sharing! It's amazing to see how things really were through these pictures.
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