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this isn't how bell curves work. if the majority is "below average" than they are graphed at the center of the curve because they are the majority. average is just that the basic majority. if we are all much more stupid that previously thought, or getting more stupid, than below average is just average.
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I think what dallas gall is trying to say is that because the pup is even near a person and no mother is in sight the pup was indefinitely lost from it's mother. Without calling wildlife rescue the pup did/would have died.
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"You don’t see the men doing that in their floor routines."

pretty sure that was the whole point of this male entering a female competition.
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"And today’s entertainers wouldn’t find work back then. What’s your point? Fashion changes"

wow, angry people on the internet.
she doesn't look like any average person i know... corsets must have been awful.
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"Wow, this has been going around for days and you didn’t know it was from a movie? It’s all faked."

it's actually been around for quite a bit longer than a few days.
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