Close Encounter with a Baby Sea Lion

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Imagine sitting on a beach and an adorable baby sea lion comes right up to you! This happened at Gardner Bay, in the Galapagos Islands. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

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I love that as precious as the pup was, they knew not to touch 'em. Watching the video, I wanted to pick the pup up and carry him/her away. They had magnificent strength.
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Aw! Such fortitude, to resist touching the precious pup. Ohmigutniss, I'm gobsmacked. Poor baby! Did he reunited with his mum? Don't leave us hanging MissCel, por favor. But I loved the human who was filming and making sweet sounds at him/her. She was so sweet and wanted to make him/her feel better. Very rare and so appreciated. I hope the babe found his mum, and the magpie was satisfied, and all was right with the world.
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Who IS this woman?? Mrs. Dr. Doolittle? Not only do baby sea lions look to her for comfort when mommy is missing, magpies obviously have a few words with her as well!
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Like everyone else I'm very impressed by the lady who had the sense and willpower to refrain from touching this poor little angel. But the people in this group could have done much more to help this critter, and I'm disappointed that they took no steps to help him.

All they had to do was make one phone call. If someone had simply picked up the phone and called the lifeguard or the police, help for this darling could have been obtained relatively quickly. Both the police and the lifeguard supervisors know how to contact the appropriate agency or personnel who can help this critter get back to its mommy or at least the water. If they REALLY cared, they would have done something instead of just cooing at him.
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