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There's something sort of awesome about the fact that the most expensive item on the list is fruitcake ... poor, poor fruitcake, that oh-so delicious target of undeserved scorn and derision - finally it gets its day in the sun! Huzzah!
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I had the exact same experience as linty - my ants lived out their lives just fine in the Antquarium (actually they survived far longer than ants in many of the traditional ant farms I've had), though the last month or so they really didn't do very much, I felt bad about that. What is the supposed evidence in support of the claim that Antquarium kills your ants? I tried clicking the link but only got a 404 Not Found error...
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Heh, as a kid one of my (many, and admittedly neurotic) -dreads- was of finding a -fish- floating in the toilet, I couldn't even enter a bathroom if the light was out lest the fish "surprise" me ... gosh, if this thing had been around back then I can't even -imagine- the kinds of therapy bills I'd be footing today - evil, evil commode!
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When I was a kid, my mom got rid of a wart I had by rubbing a potato on it and then burying it ... erm, yes, I realize that at best there was some sort of placebo effect going but what the hey, it did actually work whereas things like Compound-W had done nothing! The mind is a very strange thing ...
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Ooh, Collinsville is also home to the World's Largest Catsup Bottle, I've got the t-shirt to prove it! It is perhaps not the most thrilling of vacation destinations, but if you're headed to St. Louis from Chicago (or vice versa) it's right on the way - and, well, heck, who wouldn't want to stop to see preternaturally large catsup-based products?

Huzzah, Collinsville!
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Uhhh ... for the record, Elvis isn't actually royalty, either, no matter how many times he's referred to as "the King" ... Nor is Prince the heir apparent to any faraway land ... though if it makes you feel any better, I have it on good authority that Cap'n Crunch does indeed have a long and distinguished naval background.

And yeesh, she carried on with the show after that? I think if I'd been in the audience just -watching- I'd have needed immediate medical attention from the distress. What -does- one do to fix a "broken cheek," anyway?
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