Duct Tape Kicks Cryotheraphy's Butt in Curing Wart

Yay for duct tape! Medical research has now proven that duct tape beats cryotherapy in treating warts!

In patients treated with duct tape, 85 percent of the warts completely resolved, compared with 60 percent in the cryotherapy group. These results were statistically significant. Resolution of warts treated with duct tape usually occurred within the first 28 days of therapy. If there was no response within the first two weeks, the warts were unlikely to respond to a longer course of therapy. The main adverse outcomes with duct-tape therapy were difficulty keeping the tape on the wart and minor skin irritation. The main adverse effect in the cryotherapy group was mild to severe pain at the freeze site during and after the treatment.

The authors conclude that duct tape occlusive therapy is more effective than cryotherapy in the treatment of common warts. They also state that duct tape therapy is less expensive and has fewer adverse effects than cryotherapy.

Link - Thanks Dmanww!

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This is an excellent article, many new treatments promise to completely cure warts but unfortunately it can only be done if you help your own body to eliminate HPV virus, in a word the best way to find skin conditions like warts, moles or skin tags is by boosting ones natural immunity.
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The duct tape worked for me, it took about 3 weeks and was painless except for people asking "What have you got tape round your finger for?" !!
Good luck warties :-)
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I had a nasty planter's wart on my foot, and actually took care of it with a combination of ducttape and salicylic acid pads designed to take care of warts.

I can't speak for anyone else, but it really did work for me. it fell right off, and it was a relief to be able to walk again.
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The google ads at the top of the page read:
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I was apprehensive of what I would find as I scrolled down.
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