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Maybe it brings in revenue for other colleges, but I'd be perfectly fine with them banning football at my college. Our team is perpetually awful and has only ruined our reputation as a school the past few years. Three of the football players recently beat four freshmen to a pulp to only get kicked off the team and a slap on the wrist and it's gotten on the news. It's ridiculous. The coach also is pushing to put a full stadium on our campus to which there is definitely no room. Now they're thinking of taking out the arboretum/greenhouses to put it there. You know, along with raising tuition every single year (tuition is twice what it was four years ago). The amount of money going into them with how damn cushy they have it pretty much pisses everyone off except those IN football. Plus how many of them will actually make it anywhere afterwards?
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I'm currently a science major and it's pretty much consistent across the campus that if you're a science major you're miserable and a masochist lol. Why else would we wanna take overcrowded classes with teachers who couldn't give two shits about the class they're teaching
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I kind of feel like fish always get the short end of the stick. If they're going to ban pets from being sold they should ban fish too. People think of adopting cats and dogs and such because they're obviously able to be taken to a shelter, can't really do that too easily for fish. Don't think people realize just how many fish end up dead because you can just flush them down the toilet. This one guy who lived in my college dorm had a gallon tank with two crabs and about 15 goldfish crammed in it. Every single thing died.

I agree with whoever said people should take classes before they can buy a pet. Should they pass and have suitable income so it shows they're competent enough to take care of it and they can provide the care financially they can buy it. I mean just look at how many people are selling their salt water aquariums on craigs list. Can't care for them anymore. It's depressing.
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I love proposals like these. Honestly I would love it if someone did that kind of thing for me. I flat out told my boyfriend I wouldn't go to prom with him unless he asked me in a creative way cause him just asking me normally kinda made me feel like he was joking.

Oh well. Them to their own.
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I know some people really hate the series but I would love to see one on all of the weird things about the first Saw. Being a horror fan I personally loved the first movie, but not really the rest. It went down hill very very fast.

Like if you listen to the original commentary on the first Saw with both directors (not including older Wesley. Hehe.) they mention that they had to fly to the states with the creepy Jigsaw puppet in a suitcase and one of the directors comments, "I have never wanted security to not check my bags so much."
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To be honest when my boyfriend and I fight I am usually the one to shut down and not talk for awhile, so it's like, the exact opposite in our relationship. He gets angry with me if I don't discuss my feelings with him.

It is soothing for women but if you don't do it to make your husband feel better isn't that just kind of a vicious cycle to make you feel worse?
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