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The only thing wrong with this is that when lasers were invented they didn't have a clue what to do with them. They are the best argument ever for pure research.
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My son is 10 and doesn't seem to have an effeminate bone in his body and he and most of his friends think pink is a cool colour. They want their scooters and skateboards in bright pink. It simply does not have the same connotations to them as it might to older people. It's just a COLOUR guys!
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It's not an "international" symbol of Christmas at all. Classic American universalising of something that is peculiar only to themselves. Half the world is in Summer at Christmas so poinsettias wouldn't be flowering anyway.
This reminds me of Americans asking me how we celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia! Why on earth would we?
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Sydney University - late sixties or early seventies. Roadworks near campus. Phone call to local Police station. " A bunch of students disguised as workers are digging up the road " Someone tips off the roadworkers, telling them " A group of students disguised as police are coming down here to cause trouble " Sit back and enjoy mayhem. Probably apocryphal but funny.
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Well there is the long nosed echidna which is only found in Papua New Guinea so you might be able to stretch it to three. But there aren't any more. This I believe.
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