Stories About Animals Who Gain Human Intelligence

The Planet of the Apes franchise is rebooting this week and for most science fiction fans the original film is a classic. However there are many other great stories of animals who become “uplifted” to human level intelligences, such as “Lives of the Monster Dogs” about dogs who are given “upper class manners.” If you could give any animal human intelligence what type of animal would you give it to?


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People from Jersey? No, that was too mean, I'm sorry.

I think we should give geckos intelligence. That way they could sit in front of the tv watching Geico commercials and saying, "No. We're not like that at all!"
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HEY PHIL! Nan, fellow writer here. I am so glad you posted about Lives of the Monster Dogs--I read that book when it came out and it is very, very good. Didn't get a whole lot of publicity, but it should have. Thanks for mentioning it.

If you get a chance, read a book called Lethe. It's out of print but extremely cheap--you can probably get it for a penny on amazon, and old sci-fi novel about how in the future, dolphins replace supercomputers when it comes to dealing with abstract math. Wonderful novel.
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