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If a tooth gets really rotten, a pus-filled hole, or abscess, can form underneath it. Sometimes germs from this abscess attack the gums and form a gumboil. If this bursts, the mouth fills with vile-tasting pus.
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So its wrong to have something look like something else? Oh my gosh the oregano I put in my spaghetti sauce looks like weed, ban it from store shelves!
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You stated that humanity is not to be smart and perform because computers are capable of that. Who created those computers? We did. The only reason computers get faster and better is because we have intelligent people working on furthering technology. Without these technological advances that supposedly have no connection to humanity, healthcare would be primitive at best. The reason we all can be scanned for cancer or tumors with MRI or CatScan machines is through technology.

You asked what would motivate a person to do such a thing. Pure and simple. To live. I wouldn't doubt if the people that collected the monkeys were paid a minuscule amount of money to do so. But, in doing so, it feeds their family for one more day, lets them buy simple necessities for one more day, gives them a place to sleep for one more day. It's easy to chastise a person or persons for doing what it takes to get by when all of us here obviously have computers to type on and an internet connection to use.

What discourages me is that people have the audacity to place the rights of an animal over that of a human being.
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I eat lots of meat, love a tall glass of milk, fried eggs are fantastic, and I am currently taking cold medication for a stuffy head. Honestly, I would rather 10 monkeys die than one human, but hey, thats just me.
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Ooooh, I know this is going to make some people angry, but I wonder how many human lives have been saved by the sacrifices of lab animals?
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People that go out of their way to may something "organic" or "all-natural" piss me off. Guess what? Why not just use a paper based insulation! Its biodegradable and then the insides of your walls won't look like smurf village. Also, what about people with spore allergies? Hello!? That would be like living in a hell-box. Good job tree huggers, good job.
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I agree with the above two, the parents should have their child naming privileges revoked. The state should give the child a normal name. Seriously, that name won't fit on an ACT form (not that the kid is gonna take the ACT's anyway)
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