Caged Monkey

Photo: Li Feng

National Geographic has just chosen the winners of its International Photography Contest. Out of 148,203 images submitted, this particular one above by Chinese photographer Li Feng won for the category Animal - International.

Caged monkeys await their fate at a medical laboratory in Hubei Province, China. The judges liked that this image subverted the usual “romanticized” approach to wildlife photography, and more accurately reflected the fate of many of the world’s animals. The sneaker at the top provides scale and injects humanity into the scene; the anonymity of its wearer suggests concealment and complicity. The structure of the cages, the horror of the captivity, the crowded composition, and the claustrophobic tension all add up to a very sad and compelling photo.

See the winners here: Link [Flash] - Thanks Marilyn Terrell!

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Why do you self styled "saviors" of these animals always anthromorphize animals? Why do you people use cheesy propoganda captions under lurid pictures of monkey experimentation? For instance "this infants sad expression tells us it misses its mother" or the psychological trauma is evident in the infants depession". What!!!?????? Are you people that desperate that you resort to karl Amman type slick propoganda to garner sympathy for animals that you so wrongly attribute human characteristics to!!!!! Animals have no human feelings as we do becuase we and we alone possess a soul!
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I love monkeys and i would never use a product that would test on any animals. it is extremely cruel to do that to any living organism. why don't we test on the humans that do that to the animals. do you think that they would like that? no. i don't think so. why can't they find an alternative to monkeys, rabbits, dolphins, etc. like maybe something made in the labs that would react the same way as humans do. or if it's something to do with skin than use a dead person or something. and also sand man PETA means people for the ethical treatment of animals. also pudifoot the people in the PETA organization are a bunch of hypocrites. they think that slautering cows is horrible but then they go home and eat a nice big steak.
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I sympathize with you. Try subscribing to Scientific American -- it's most sad what a biased single-view political agenda piece of trash that has become. No more subscription to me, but I still occasionally buy it because of a technology article that interests me (usually when I am trapped in an airport on an unexpected layover). EVERY time I shake my head in disgust that they only powder puff one side of the issue or look at some proposed energy solution through rose-colored glasses. Show us BOTH sides and let us learn and decide ourselevs.

Back to the monkeys... I like critters. Some I find very tasty. Others are useful at saving human lives through research. In either case, though, they should be treated with respect and not subjected to unnecessary suffering or cruelty.
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This is not a pleasant photo. Their fate is disturbing and I am not here to argue.

I have been a subscriber to National Geographic for probably 30 years and it has lost it's way. It has become a political tool for whiners and complainers. The adventure is only a tiny part of its pages, anymore. I keep signing up year after year and I'm getting sick and tired of having political opinions and agendas pushed down my throat.
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