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If I were meant to eat only plants, I'd have flat teeth that grind plant matter. But, wouldn't you know it, I have these sharp, pointy teeth in the front of my mouth that are used for TEARING FLESH. I am an omnivore. I was born an omnivore. I will always be an omnivore.
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Anytime I see the "sources" or "facts" put forth by people spouting this garbage, it's a few isolated incidents. I agree, the people abusing the animals should be shut down. But for every case, there's at least one counter-case. It's using a few bad examples to cast a generalization over the entire industry. That doesn't make it a "fact".
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Don't worry, there will be a new "research study" (I put it in quotes because I take all these "studies" with a grain of salt) tomorrow that will say that there is some special enzyme/amino acid in Red Meat that fights "X" Disease and doesn't actually increase risk of dying early. And then next week Red Meat might burn down your house. And then the week after that Red Meat will do your taxes.
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The guy became paralyzed and he enjoyed hunting. Maybe eddy p would just sit at home and feel sorry about himself. I give props to the kid and his dad for getting him back into what he loves to do.
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Those indoor hardwood floors look like terrible living conditions. How dare he play with those puppies, they are obviously the victims here.
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I'm sorry for you then. I don't condone any sort of hitting (which is different than spanking, imo)

My parents never hit me in the face, never pulled hair, never caused me bruises, never caused me any lasting pain. I feel sorry for those children who have parents who cannot restrain themselves.
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There is a HUGE difference between hitting your child and spanking your child. It aggravates me to no end when people equate the two. I was spanked as a child. Am I psychologically screwed up now? Nope. I was spanked MAYBE three or four times in total, and I'm pretty sure I deserved every one. What did I learn? How to behave. This is the reason we have so many self-entitled brats running around these days. There are too many parents who are scared to death to punish their children for fear of judgement from a third party.
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