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Let us examine the current top 5 (though I've not seen any of them(...

#1 Robin Hood
Going to focus on Mr Hood and the merry MEN. Marion is in it and will be a significant role. Will probably fail the test but for a good reason.

#2 Iron Man 2
That'll be Iron MAN then. Pepper Potts helps out and I know Scarlett Johanssen is in it - perhaps they talk. Maybe it's essential that the two characters talk, maybe not. It's an action film based on a comic so it's all about the boys...

#3 A Nightmare on Elm Street
Girls remain a staple of horror films: terrified men isn't quite the same, so I'm guessing this one has leading females talking about some non-boy things until Freddie shows up. They'll then talk about their dreams.

#4 Hot Tub Time Machine
A bunch of men go back in time (ish) and I doubt that the females will be shown in a positive light. They're not supposed to be though - that's the point of the film.

#5 Furry Vengeance
Probably fails the test. It's a comedy with one main role and, as has been proven many a time before, men get more laughs than women (though women laugh more).

So what can we determine from that? There are more roles that men can play just as their are more careers that are male dominated in the real world. These careers are more high profile too so we are much more likely to see them featured in a film. But hey, let's leave the can lid on and leave the worms therein.
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You can use statistics to prove anything; in this case filmmakers are sexist. Right, well...

Pirates of the Carribean films - lots of female pirates, were there?
Bourne films - fails the test because the women were talking about catching Jason Bourne (a man). Right, so they should've chatted about the weather or something?
Austin Powers films - they're supposed to be sexist!
The Dark Knight - how many female police chiefs are there? What other female could you include other than shoe-horning some in?
Slumdog Millionaire - It's supposed to focus on two boys
Bruno - seriously??
Shawshank Redemption - lots of women in male prisons, are there?

It's a vaguely interesting test and can inspire a good discussion but really nothing to get up in arms about.
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For convenience, until the post is corrected, here's the link:
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