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The cabin with the luggage is pressurized or else all your packed items such as a can of deodorant would explode. It's also temperature controlled (a little bit) as well but I am sure it's not as warm as the main cabin is. Had she decided to take her cat on board the "right" way they would still put the animals in with the luggage. Here is a quote from the Northwest Airline web page:

"Transportation on all Northwest and Northwest Airlink aircraft equipped with heated and pressurized luggage compartments."

So you can assume that kitty was in no harm from the flight itself but probably from the handling of the bags going in and out of the aircraft.
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I am American but live in Ireland now because my wife is Irish.

I applied for a job in the north of Ireland (the UK part) and the very last question on the job application was:

"Are you protestant, catholic or other"

I was so shocked at the whole idea of asking that since I am American and you could never ask that in America that I left it blank. I finally ended up checking "other" since I didn't feel comfortable with either of of the other choices.

I ended up getting the job.
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Yeah it was on friends as well. Joey had one for a while until someone told him it was a bit gay. In fact it may have even been that exact purse, I mean bag.

Episode 13 season 5. Just for the record I had to look that up, I do not know "Friends" THAT well.
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