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I just donated $10 for each comment made against sterilization and will do the same for any new comments--keep 'em coming!
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Agreed! The only loud or obnoxious children I've ever encountered in France were American (that goes for adults, too).
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Nerds are nerds because they're born that way. Too much testosterone in the womb causes:

Left Handedness
Predispositon towards allergies

The left-handed-ness is key, as testosterone inhibits the left side of brain development, causing the overdevelopment of the right side (the mathematical side). That's why geeks have glasses, sniffle a lot AND kick ass in Trig!
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Glad I was raised during a time when it was ok to make fun of fatties. The threat of being teased kept all of us skinny. :)
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85% of the population in the US right now is fat, so I guess by 2030 the trend will be reversing.

BTW, I'm the real Nobody. Not that impostor above.
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My parents have a pitbull. They've raised it in a loving / nurturing environment like any of their other non-pitbulls and it's vicious as hell.
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Nietzsche came up with a very similar formulation that explains all humor: Laughter is to "be malicious, but with a good conscience."
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