The Nanny Dog

Only recently have pit bulls gained a reputation for being dangerous dogs, mainly due to their popularity among those who breed and train dogs to be overly aggressive -or to just look scary. For generations, the breed was known as “The Nanny Dog." See a collection of children's pictures taken with their beloved and loyal dogs, all pit bulls, at What I Saw Today. Link -via the Presurfer

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I have been raising an breeding only shaffordshire terriors which is the name of pitts people who use the term pitts can be assumed ignorent, an the people who sit here with their so called facts is laughable I have 8 kids an am pregnant I have 16 staffordshire bull terriors an each one is a fully registered service dog await to be donated actually the service dogs mascote is a pitt in crude lamith terms lol! An if you did ur reasreach
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Can't it be two sides of the same coin? Sweet and protective "nanny" to the ones in their "pack" in proportion to their potential of being vicious to those outside of it.
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@CassandraDD : you only have to read a few paragraphs into that "study" to show that it's unreliable and not based on science. and i quote (emphasis mine):

"Information for this report was gathered through MEDIA ACCOUNTS that were available at the time of the attack or found THROUGH INTERNET ARCHIVES...."

it's pretty easy to make up statistics when you're cherry-picking your information and throwing around irrelevant "facts" to make a point. not only that, but (as well as several other websites with suspiciously similar names) is an anti-pitbull group, plain and simple. they have a very direct agenda and disregard REAL, scientific data in favor of anecdotal reports and haphazardly gathered data. not only that, but tracking a species with such a widespread population (such as dogs) is problematic at best: which is why the CDC stopped tracking dog-bite data over TEN YEARS AGO.

i urge you to read reports and data by someone who has actually STUDIED the issue, instead of giving in to media fear-mongering.

and don't ever forget that the media is in it for the "juicy stories", because that's what sells!
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