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i was thinking about this yesterday, how i'd have thought women would be generally more happy because the world would seem like a friendlier place to a woman than a man. though i suppose there's more to it than that
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gases can ignite - perhaps explaining the lights in the sky. i think it happens at fault lines sometimes.
this satellite thing's interesting though...
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if you compare this to the Giants Causeway in Ireland, it doesnt seem all that remarkable for it to be natural :

they should just do scans with x-rays and the like, to see'f there's any man-made looking interior.
surprisingly John Anthony West says these are just natural formations (surprising because he has some of the wildest theories* about the egptian pyramids).

*it's not possible to date the great pyramid of giza or the sphinx, and so it's not totally unreasonable to suspect that they might be older than the artifacts in the tombs. the sphinx shows what appears to be erosion from melting ice, which could possibly be from the end of the last ice age (10,000 years ago).
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chimpanzees are apes.
chimpanzees are members of the hominidae family, along with gorillas, humans, and orangutans.
monkeys generally have tails and apes dont.
(though on a side note monkeys do not have any particular traits that they 'all' share and are not shared with the remaining group of simians, the apes).
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most things are going extinct because of us harming the planet, not natural causes. most animals naturally coexist. it would be better if we keep Earth's natural diversity of life, we'll regret it if we dont
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when there's an area on Earth with extreme conditions they always say if there's life there then it could mean there's life somewhere else in our solar system...
they really need to look at the anthropic principle more closely. so many unlikelihoods in the development of life means we'll probably be very,very far away from another world with life on it.
why would conditions be right for life to develop in another place in the solar system?
the helix shape forming form molecules in zero-gravity is something to look into, but other than that - looking for life on wrolds close by is a waste of money.
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fair enough if it was a point about the stickiness of post-it notes, but 3 months?!?
i could do that in half a day, no kidding (with the use of a computer for figuring which shade post-its to use).
people are doing similar but more complex works with toothpicks and matchsticks, it's pretty easy if you just bother planning...
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