Japanese Atlantis?

An underwater formation off the coast of Yonaguni Jima, Japan was discovered in 1986. Scientists are divided, with some believing the “pyramid” to be part of a 5,000 year old civilization, and some believing it to be a natural rock formation. Link to story. Link to more photos.

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There are many geological structures in the world that appear to be manmade but turn out to be natural. Most of the time, they are igneous rock structures. These types of rock are composed of minerals that have specific angles of fracture. This causes the rock to also show these same angles of fracture. Basalt has this.


I remember watching a show on the History Channel about this underwater area. One person showed that the same structures appear on land but no one had ever tried to say that the land versions are manmand. No archealogical artifacts have been found in the area. Some people claim to have found places where carvings are done or holes have been drilled but these are not evidence that people constructed the entire structure. It is more likely that someone altered the rock at times when the ocean level was lower.

So far, all of the evidence points to this being a natural structure and not man made. Until a lot of artifacts show up to prove otherwise, science will continue considering this as an interesting place but not man made. There are a lot of people out there who will maintain that it is manmade. Mostly the diver operators in the area who take people there to look at it.
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They would've found trinkets from the get-go. They haven't.

Not only that, I won't believe that a place like this got swallowed and sank to the bottom of an on-rushing ocean within the last 50,000 years. No way. Ice Age change in climate don't happen overnight like that. And since we as intelligent human beings have only been able to do stuff like invent the wheel within that time, no fricking way am I going to believe this shite.
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if these structures were man made then they would be paradigm changing in more ways than one. it's most improbable that there is anything but an interesting and explainable geologic phenomenon that is going on there.

there's very strong evidence that civilization started to start about 70K years ago, but that's not the same thing as the massively sophisticated culture that it takes to process basalt, the same type of rock at the giants causeway, in this manner. it is extremely hard and durable except where it cleaves into columns. it's does that in a very recognizable way, but because there is a range involved in mineral composition and crystal size the columns aren't always predictable in the same way. the rock splits in a somewhat unique way when the composition is at the edge of the range. this is what's going on.

that they don't find tools or ceramics is further proof. the people who look for broken pottery and rocks used to bash other rocks are very good at recognizing what they are looking at. they also use examples involving contrasts and comparison when they publish.

the people interviewed for or the subject of this article are not respected by their peers. they do not meet the criteria used by their peers in this matter. this topic is easily shown to be nonsense even if the loosest criteria are set as expectation.

jic, alternative historians are bat-shit crazy. they use circular logic and self-delusion to further their arguments. just because modern urban life is so very complex and stressful doesn't give merit to their arguments.
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