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This hit close to home.. I don't know what kind of company is using these advertisements, but I'm kind of upset they would play with peoples sentiments like this to make money.
As a series of short films I might be able to feel better about these.
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If we can make prosthetic flippers for dolphins, surely we must be able to supply this girl with a fun mermaids tail of some sort? That basketball would drag too much in the water..
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Might be that the internet and tv have ruined my ability to read (not being a native speaker might also be a bit of a handicap), but is it just me or is that Washington Post article a mess? I found it pretty much unreadable and just skipped to the part where it mentioned the peoples reactions... way to drag a story and stop changing the subject all the time!
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This basically works the same as a spray paint gun, blow air through a tube, make a hole in the tube, connect a hose and anything on the other side of the hose that is light enough will get sucked in if the airflow through the tube is high enough.
So yeah, it could work, but it would be kind of a waste of fuel..
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@5: Easy, research.. that thing has to stay on no matter what, has to be stiff enough, rigid enough, etc. etc. Don't just base the cost on the material, if you factor in the hourly rates of researchers, manufacturing (remember, cost has to be carried by 1 product instead of tens of thousands), etc. etc., it's easy to get to such amounts of money.
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