Police Chief Gave Traffic Ticket to Himself!

From the website:

Village of Kewaskum Police Chief Richard Knoebel said he was driving to work when he became distracted by a truck stopping on one side of the street.

He said he didn't see a school bus with its lights flashing and a stop sign out on the other side of the four-lane road.

The chief said he didn't know he had passed the stopped bus until it was too late. When he realized what he had done, he issued himself a $235 ticket.

"When we get someone for not stopping for a flashing school bus we give them a citation. So I shouldn't be any different so I did," Knoebel said.

Link - via Spluch

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Yay for honest cops. (And thanks, Chief Knoebel, for makin' us Wisconsinites look good.)

Acedia -- You're right. Kewaskum is pretty small. But small town cops are often no more honest about these things than big city ones would be, regardless of who's watching. The ones in the town I grew up in used to put on their lights and run the reds so they wouldn't have to wait for the traffic signals when there was no cross traffic. And we all knew who they were. :)
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Not to take *anything* away from his honesty (which deserves all the kudos offered here) but I can't imagine the Village of Kewaskum is very big. And in small towns, NOTHING goes unnoticed. The bus driver was probably the neighbor of Betty Sue at the County Clerk, who is the cousin of Arnie down at the diner, who is married to...you get the idea.

I'm glad he did the right thing...but it might have been pretty darn hard not to.
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