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Reminds me of the Jeff Noon short story about Spook, the softdrink puzzle where you could mix up your own flavours. Also, let's not forget that Fanta was invented by the Coca Cola company to be able to continue catering to the German market after the Nazi regime took over. Wonder why they've never used that in their marketing campaigns.
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Ah, I was hoping for a link to an interactive quiz or at least a points measuring system to determine your true level of nerditude.

of course, if i was a true nerd, i would be able to whip one up on the spot (minus points for lack of programming skills) but I'm more of a word geek.
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Martha - yup, sent them out with the invites and we strung them from the ceiling at the elopement afterparty venue (check the other sets for pics)

Denita - I think they'd work fantastically well as windchimes, excellent idea!

And Ms. Domestica! Eep! How embarassing! See what Michael Moore has done to literature!
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Also an excellent stretch for avoiding repetitive strain injury or that nasty awful tingling pain in your arms that comes from assuming the position hunched over your keyboard.
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