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Regardless of people's personal notions of Al Gore the person, his getting the word out about global warming is admirable. The concept of global warming, formally the "greenhouse effect", was relegated to the fringes of hippiedom. And also to actual scientists, who apparently are about as revered as hippies these days. Regular folks at least know about it now. But unfortunately many still infuse research findings with their own somewhat soap operatic opinions about the folks who are presenting the findings. Global warming, to many, is a crock simply because they don't like Al Gore. But kudos to him for trying. As for his detractors: Hey, understanding that we're in the midst of a human-generated climate change that's going to be catastrophic for all the world's economies, food and water supplies, and the total amount of livable land on earth doesn't mean you're a fan of Al Gore. He and global warming are two different things.
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I heard about something similar to this maybe 20 years ago -and promptly never heard of it again. The story then was the notion that you can drill a microwave device deep into a shale deposit and cook the rock until it becomes oil. I suspect it took more energy to do the cooking than what resulted in oil.
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It's astounding how many people fuss over the historical fan-fiction of 9/11 being an inside job when so much else is genuinely wrong in the world/with the present U.S. government... Do you really believe that all the people that would have been needed to pull off 9/11-the-consipiracy would have kept quiet/completely covered their tracks? Please, go back to griping about the moon landings or JFK, or at least consider tackling more tangible things like how we wound up in a war in Iraq or why healthcare costs a fortune...
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I had thought Islamists abhorred art that depicted the human image and yet these drawings appear to have been done by an artist -not a very good artist, but one who has practiced drawing people. And the drawings themselves are strikingly dramatic. It looks more like a comic book than a manual. And why would you need a manual to learn how to be inhumane? If you're in that frame of mind, your imagination is all you need to commit torture. I question the veracity of this manual. Or, if it is real, I question how true to hardline Islam its creators were. Sometimes people are just thugs.
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