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This American [ahem, sorry, but] 'sissified' version of Rugby, using 'girdles' (yup, they are called girdles), lots of padding, helmets, 'wrist-coaches', and Radio 'Remote-Controlled' players is not a sport, but (pun intended) a SPURT!

Grab a stopwatch and check: each 'action' spurt last LESS THAN 6 SECONDS (an 8-seconds rodeo last longer)! And the TV Show is actually done at the editing room: replays, close-ups, ads, CG... not on the field.

Rugby and the international Football (Americans call 'soccer') are action-packed sports, with almost non-stop playing. It figures...
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I might be wrong, since there's no perceivable difference using this frame rate, to me it will affect only those [rare] pirates doing video-camera 'screeners' in theaters. The resulting image will be rolling
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I don't know how it is in Swedish; but in German, 'girl' is 'genderless/neutral' = Mädchen

but 'boy' is masculine...

it figures...
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America Taliban! Believe it or not, but at the YouTube Video page:

"This content may contain material flagged by YouTube's user community that may be inappropriate for some users."

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Using 'Microsoft World Wide Telescope - Mars', the given coordinates does not show the same area (comparing the craters around the area).

But, nearby westward, at
Lng: -28 53 22
Lat: +71 23 43

We find a 'cylindrical' white speck, beside the same craters. But nearby, where the 'biosphere' should be, only a large white 'snow' area, North hemisphere's Martian winter (?). Close, but no cigar...

Google Mars given coordinates at 460 km eye alt superimposes the same crater's disposition using the above coordinates in MS WWT Mars at 739 km eye alt.
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conversely, is OK in so many movie scenes and ads: father shaving and his daughter next to him, also using shaving foam and pretending doing the same...

And no one freaks out
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in portuguese (Brazil and Portugal) it's "Cara ou Coroa" (Head or Crown)

Just like the finnish example, there is no crown (or has been for hundreds of years) in coins used in Brazil
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here in Brazil, in many 'all-you-can-eat' ('rodízio') Japanese restaurants, there's a penalty and you're charged extra for each food item left on the plate.

You can order no matter how many servings of Sushi, sashimi, whatever. Same price per person.

But you MUST eat what you ordered
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in Brazil -- believe it or not --, there's a long-time respected Fundação Cacique Cobra Coral '[native] Chief Coral Snake Foundation', presided by the medium Adelaide Scritori, claiming controlling the weather.

It is so effective that City Administrations (Rio, São Paulo), and private organizations pays then a not-so-large fee to prevent raining during public events (open-air concerts, New Year's Eve...)
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'wrong' depends of what *you* do using my Internet access.

With RIAA, 'terrorism scare' and 'porn patrol', my open acess IP could be targeted as the one to prosecute, for illicit usage, without my knowledge.

Just like the proverbial mother sued by RIAA...

Otherwise, no problem sharing my Internet. If not by the 'Powers that Be'
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