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Look, man. Not all of us run around in Hummers. I think the building is dumb as he'll regardless of whatever country it wants to be in.

And anybody who wants to see misery fall upon other bunches of people who have literally nothing to do with governmental disputes is a douche. Freaking seriously.
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Oh, oh shoot. Shoot, I forgot about the t-shirt thing amidst all my finger wagging. JUST EVER SO IN CASE, can this be part two of my first comment: R-2 needs love-2 in a lady medium?
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Whateverrrrrrrrr. How hard is it to scroll past the bits you don't want to read about? My guess is a lot less hard than leaving a comment on one of them. I think the guy thinks beyond our time! Okay, maybe nobody wants Baktitz NOW, but think of all the ridiculous-ocity that we as a people HAVE worn around for what we deem as aesthetically delightful. A hundred years ago, say somebody would have drawn a picture of a kid with a metal bar through his eyebrow. "Who would want THAT through their face?! What purpose does it serve?!"
In conclusion to this tirade, don't berate this fellow for coming up with things that this culture has deemed ridiculous. Creativity and imagination is lacking in a sad, hardcore way anymore.

Also, I think they should be called "The Ladyfriend's Back Massage Bribe Brassiere". Whooooaaaahhhh yeaaaahhhhh!
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