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just make round pancakes and then cut the shapes out... it's not that complicated, plus i don't believe that the molds would jut come right off.
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If i was a teacher i'd give a multiple choice test where all the answers (but one) were B. The last question would be True False, "Is every answer on this test (B)". Just to blow there minds.
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sounds like a lot of "I heard someone say that my water contains Dihydrogen monoxide and that that chemical is responsible for a lot of deaths world wide. Should i be scared?" to me.
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just to let everyone know you can't make Cheese from human breast milk. you have to artifically up the protein content. "breast milk can not curdle, because the protein content is lower"
You could however add gelatin and make something that would look like cheese.
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Edward, it's quite possible that during filming Grease Newton John was 27. Even though the release date is 78 it could have been filmed much earlier.
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