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The "indian face" naturally carved into a rock formation in Québec.

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@Jolly: pardon my lack of english vocabulary. I definitely meant on a pan over a ring. I used oven as a generic term for "four" or "cuisinière" but I should have used range as it does not suggest explicitely using the oven compartment.
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Even telling that one can sauté onions in 10 minutes is a lie.

Sauté, in its original french term, means cooking in a pan on super high temperature. Sautéing onions takes no more than 3 minutes. If it takes 10 minutes, it's not sautéing as your oven is definitely not at the maximum setting or close to it.
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My prom in 2009 cost 40$ for the ticket, about 200$ for shoes, shirt, pants and tie (which I have worn several times after). That's it.

Methinks some people are idiots.
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You can also play both games at the same time. IMPOSSIBRU! Try it, it's really hard as you have to move different fingers in each hand but your brain wants to move the same ones (for example, both index fingers when you really need an index and a middle finger).
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@hmmm...: just read a bit on Stuxnet and you might start to think otherwise.

(For all those TL;DR kind of people: a virus was used to damage Iranian uranium refining centrifuges. I guess it was the American government. The real danger now is that the virus is available and can be modified to be used somewhere else.)
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Sure it's dangerous, but the bleeding shown is more impressive than dangerous. It's only due to the omnipresence of broken fluorescent tube glass, which while sharp, is not strong enough to cause more than superficial cuts.

I'd be more afraid of broken ribs than bleeding to death while performing this act.
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Flash memory is based on NAND gates, so there are electrons present whether the value is 0 or 1. No weight change. Well, there might be one, due to stray capacitance or something like that, but we can assume it to be negligible.
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Sep 12th, 2011 at 2:18 pm

"encouraging "inappropriate thoughts" among the boys.."
Well, IMHO what they consider inappropriate thoughts are entirely appropriate. Checking out hot chics was the only thing that I used to like about going to school. What a shame."

It is more than appropriate, it's what made possible their own existence. Parents should be glad that sexual attraction and desire exists.
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(Wow, sorry to spam, but it's the first time in over 6 months that I'm able to comment. The other times, the spam filter wouldn't accept my comment. Yay! \o/)
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Pfff. Guys start looking at porn at 12 years old nowadays, since the internet can't check if you are 18. They won't have any more "impure thoughts".
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The mother is 57 years old, and so is the uterus. I hope the children (if it works) won't be too crippled at birth.

If I was the doctor, I'd refuse to do this operation. There are plenty of orphans who need parents.
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