Indian Talent Show is the Awesomest Thing Ever

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The guys start out with light, easy tricks such as smashing fluorescent bulbs on themselves and slapping each other with sledgehammers. Then they get serious about their routine. It ends with a human pyramid on spiked boards and one guy on top of it waving the Indian flag in the weirdest and greatest display of patriotism the world has seen.

-via Kottke

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Is it patriotism or religious fanaticism? They do display the symbol of the Sikh religion the whole show. (Just a question of curiosity, not trying to judge... I wonder how much is patriotically motivated and how much is due to religious devotion?)
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Sure it's dangerous, but the bleeding shown is more impressive than dangerous. It's only due to the omnipresence of broken fluorescent tube glass, which while sharp, is not strong enough to cause more than superficial cuts.

I'd be more afraid of broken ribs than bleeding to death while performing this act.
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I think what really highlights how dangerous that stuff is are the injuries they are left with. I've seen any number of modern circus types acts do stuff that doesn't impress because there are no injuries. IOW you know it's just an illusion, just a variation on the old catching a bullet in your teeth sort of trick. These guys OTOH are bleeding real blood.

@thelibrarianne actually after all that the lady judge is may favourite part full stop. Forget the look of horror, she is lovely.
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"Indian Talent Show is the Awesomest Thing Ever"

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